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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Vocabulario OCHO

So we’ve reached the 8th installment of this vocabulary building session here at Bahraini Rant incorporated. After this post, the ol’blog would have contributed to 24 new or not so new words in your vocabulary. Anyways, enjoy the words; use them at your discretion. I shall now stop this malarkey and skedaddle back to my life, the real one.

Word #1 Malarkey
Word #2 Lackadaisical
Word #3 Skedaddle

Oh by the way: I am Spartacus.


SheWrites said...


I dunno. That's all I can think of.


N.A. said...

Me skedaddling to a runaway place with my one and only Matthew Fox is the malarkey of the entertainment industry. I'm the "Bonnie" and he's the "Clyde" in this formula.

Of course, this seems all Lackadaisical to you guys! But I'm buying it.

Amunki said...

I too, am Spartacus........