I rant you risten

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Things about me

I drink my cereal milk: Yeah I’m not ashamed to admit it… I eat my bowl of cereal, then when the cereal is all done, I’ll add some more cereal to the milk, and eat that, and then when the sugar and coloring from the cereal has mixed into the milk –then I’ll slurp that bowl and gulp that sugary colored milk.. mmmm.. tasty.. this goes out to all you weirdos that made me feel uncomfortable about slurping the milk out of my bowl.

I can’t sit down during a stressful part in a movie: it’s true, if something’s about to happen in the movie and I know it’s going to happen, shit man, I need to stand up.. You should see me in the movie theater, moving around in my seat. I do this when Arsenal are playing as well..

I sing and dance in my car while I listen to my music: unlike some of my friends who immediately lift their hand to their ear like they’re talking on the phone.. I do a little smirk, and continue with my song. Music gets me going in the morning, so I’m not going to ruin my entire morning because some person saw me getting my groove on to “cross-town traffic”..

I will push my music on anyone who’ll listen and then get really aggravated with them when they don’t share the same opinion as me.. When I buy new music, I have to travel with my cd case… I take it upon myself to subject everyone listen to my music and put them through a br “new music listening session”.. that said, I pay very close attention to crown control, and I have a kick ass music collection – in fact... nono no I wont say it.. It’s a little too much..

I’ve stopped playing winning 11 and Fifa on the play station because it consumes me. I want my friends to stop.. it’s a bad addiction… I’ve contemplated breaking the disc, but then I’d have 4-6 of my friends ready to beat me senseless. I’ve threatened them a couple of times, but they know they’ve got strength in numbers…

I prefer contact grills than the triangle sandwich presses, if you know what I mean… they’re so much cooler, I hate having the ‘way my sandwich is going to get cut’ determined for me. Sometimes I like to cut it diagonally sometimes straight..

I have a little windup Godzilla on my desk.. he’s the coolest motherfuqing plastic reptile I know.. when you wind him up, he walks across my desk at work and sparks come out of his month… if anyone steals him, I’ll take a flamethrower to your grandma’s house..

I like buying different deli meats from the supermarket.. Then when I’m at home, I do the whole Tony Soprano thing: bust into the fridge and eat some of that ‘gabagol’ straight out of the packaging.. yeah.. There’s a definite feel good factor when you eat with your hands, I’m learning to enjoy it much much more..


Sunday, September 18, 2005

"Making You Cooler.."

Yeah yeah yeah – it’s been a while..

Back at work and back to my mundy life... coffee dependence is at an all time high & Costa are out of Vanilla Syrup making my Vanilla Frescato with 2 shots of espresso unavailable (better supply chain management guys… that’s all I’m going to say). New music has kept me going and thrashing away at my keyboard – making work more bearable. Stuff I’m listening to: Spoon, hothotheat, the rakes, clap your hands and say yeah, stars, hail social, Interpol, verve remixed, royksop, OST: life aquatic with steve zissou, & my bloody valentine. "Gut Feeling" by Devo is an awesome tune, thank you 80s Ian…

Stroking my t-shirt fetish a little bit:
We’ve decided to launch a new project entitled: “Making you Cooler…” After much stomping and tromping around weirder sections of Manhattan, warehouses in Brooklyn, a couple of dodgy streets, underground shops in alleys in downtown Boston, and some other random places – We have procured some of the finest ultra-hip t-shirts to grace this part of the world. I’m talking about shirts produced by some of the coolest design incubators on this planet – from two of the most important epicenters of all things hip: New York & LA.

I have a really big problem with the quality and acceptable level of coolness of available t-shirts in Bahrain.. First off, Bahrain is such a small market that buyers from your favorite shopping mall clothing store here get their stock from the Buyer in Dubai who gets it from the company. So you’re getting fashion as per the Buyer in Dubai and then the Buyer in Bahrain – can you say leftovers? And then what happens? They order enough shirts to make your cool purchase seem insignificant because you’re guaranteed to see a bunch of people wearing the same thing. Is that cool for you? If not, read on..

Most of the shirts at your shopping mall are rip offs something else. Allow me to rephrase – these clothing corporations don’t give a shit about giving you an original quality product, they want to sell you a trend. I remember walking around Camden Town years ago and finding a vintage “Omaha Hammers” T-shirt. I thought that was unbelievably cool, why? Because there actually was an Omaha Hammers team, and this was their shirt from years ago - that’s what made it cool to me – it has history to it. You can walk into the “Push & Boar” store and see something very similar, but there’s no story, there’s nothing authentic about it. There could very well be a real “Wisconsin Warriors” team - but what you’re buying right now is a mass produced print on a t-shirt that someone thought would sell because they were going to take advantage of a fad – nothing original about that. And having everyone else buy the same shirt diminishes the coolness factor in multiples of 100. Do you like being original and unique? If yes, then read on..

After your personality and hair, T-shirts are the next best form of personal expression. So why compromise that and look like everyone else? Why did I even think about this? Because I love T-Shirts and I know there are people like me on this island that share the same passion and are willing to go the extra mile for an article of clothing that you’ll want to hold onto as long as you possibly can. Fashion and trends are invented in places far far away. People that dictate what is cool, dictate from places far far away. These shirts are straight from that fountain of funk.

They will be going on sale at a location near you pretty soon – but until then, I’ll entertain serious buyers via email – we are like this only – what to do? This stuff ain’t cheap, but being cool never was… If you want to go against the grain and purchase a t-shirt, granting you a slice of something globally hip – let me know…