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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Vocabulario 10

Episode 10 of the weekend words suggested to you.. apply them into your talk, squeeze them in when possible – drop these words like they’re going out of style.. What’s cooler than calling someone atavistic? I don’t know..

This week’s words are..

Word #1 Copasetic
Word #2 Transmogrify
Word #3 Atavistic

On another note: Johnny Damon, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Jason Giambi, Gary Sheffield, Hideki Matsui, Jorge Posada, Robinson Cano, Bernie Williams – that’s the lineup that I have to deal with – the only thing I can say is WTF??!!!?? Johnny Damon, I have forgiven you for jumping ship.. You’re a tired old man that wanted more money, the Sox weren’t going to give it to you, so you decided to pimp yourself out to the Yankees.. You’re 32, Coco Crisp is 6 years younger than you, and he wasn’t too far off your numbers last year – he’s entering his prime - I hope Epstein knows what he’s doing (I’m pretty sure he does).. I know I’m going to regret this, I know you’ll magically find some fountain of youth and I’ll lament why we didn’t just cave in and give you more money, such is life.. No one is bigger than the team.. You just really hurt me and the Red Sox Nation. I was devastated when they announced your departure, you so quickly shaved off the beard, cut your hair, and threw on that pinstripe suit... Yankees fans, congratulations on your victory.. I hope he turns out to be the Winston Bogarde of Baseball..

i should have never loaded espn.com today..


scarlettepimp said...

yankees rule sox drool

Cerebralwaste said...

Damon epitomizes just what is wrong with professional sports today. NO LOYALTY and GREED reigns supreme. Jumping ship and selling ones soul for a few dollars more is not the attitude I want from the players on teams I support.

I say good riddance to the Demon seed scum Damon. Boston will be better off without him in the long run.

Davis said...

Damon will be solid for 2-3 years but who cares? The Yankees still have no pitching.

Besides, Cano is going to have a slump year. (which seems impossible given THAT lineup) but he's just not that good.

Red sox will probably have a rough year but I doubt the yankees will do much better.

Let's go METS

Cerebralwaste said...

I am afraid this recent World Series by the Red Sox is nothing more than a end around run for the new owners of the team to pacify the fans.

The Red Sox don't need a winning team to be viable on an economic scale and that is the true purpose of the Red Sox as a business...to make money. Win or lose it isn't hard to sell out the smallest stadium in MLB. In fact winning World Series in the long run isn't a viable business model for most teams. The thrill of the chase is what keeps fans coming back and putting their ever growing fat American asses in a seat every 18 inches.

Don't look for the Red Sox to put on a good team for a few years if ever. The economics of it don't work and are compounded with players like Damon who sell their souls for a few dollars more. The Red Sox could (yeah right!) take a page from the Patriots management and players who have been known to take LARGE pay cuts to stay with the team because they CARE about the team.

Amunki said...

Best use of the word "Copasetic":

And you just don't get it
Keep it copasetic
And you learn to accept it
you know you're so pathetic...

(from the song "Bound For The Floor " by Local H)

Hasan in Japan said...

Hi buddy,
Just wanted to send a quick hi from Tokyo. Hope all is going well. Take care and keep up the cool blog ;)

Anonymous said...

baseball sucks. Dumbest game on the planet (other than cricket), and when was the last time anyone played baseball in Bahrain? I'm assuming you're not in highschool, and I've never seen a baseball gathering on the mean streets of bahrain. keep it real by playing the game itself.

Bahraini Rants said...

let me relate something to you, my opinionated guest: nobody cares what you think about baseball or cricket, you're anonymous.. and thanks for the advice, i'll keep that in mind the next time i want to keep it real.

As for the "mean streets" of bahrain.. using that sentence right there, just negates your credibility on the location of these "mean streets" or your experiences on them.. now bugger off..

Mo said...


I feel the urge to defend cricket.. but that never goes down too well with anyone (except this one Sri Lankan guy I know).

I once got cut on the "mean streets" of Bahrain trying to play cricket. A big machete, he had. I've learned to "keep it real" from that day onward, and my wickets were tearfully turned into (very skinny) goalposts.

Thank you anonymous, for the entertainment. Please feel free to post more stuff we can poke fun at!

Cerebralwaste said...

I want you to know BR I was thinking of you on OPENING DAY at FENWAY as I hoisted that nice cool adult amber colored beverage to my lips and held that FENWAY Frank in the other. You should have been there!

Nothing beats opening day at Fenway! NOTHING!!!!! Except the first home game for the PATS!