I rant you risten

Sunday, January 29, 2006


Extracted from the memory card of silly pictures

rainbow bright nearing the end of her career

does my tail look fat in these scales?

even bananas suffer from shrinkage after a dip in the ocean

hey larry, your gill's in my face, waitaminute that's not your gill, goddamit larry!

a whole lot of cancer

a message to all you impressionable crustaceans: Being a mule will result in lobster cavity searches, stay away from drugs kids

mmm, cerveza

samirai jack, new wave new wave

slam, da da daat, da da daat, let the boys be boys

my hand as featured in the vw ad that never was...

thifting to loodakrith thpeed

bloggers in the mirror appear stupider than they really are

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