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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Vocabulario #7 (i think)

Hope you haven’t completely given up on me - I’m back, for now.. this week’s vocabulario is brought to you by words ending in “-ious” .. take a look at them, mull them over, think about how you want to include them in your talk this weekend, and then thank this blog for making your vocabulary so much more colorful.. Remember, if you have a good word you’d like included in vocabulario email me at bahrainirants@gmail.com. It’s been weird this break from you.. I really have missed you, my personal space of stupidity… anyways, on with the words..

Word #1 Vivacious
Word #2 Bodacious
Word #3 Ostentatious

Enjoy and be merry..



Anonymous said...

Though the dress she wore was overly ostentatious, there is no denying that her bodacious budonkadonk added to the vivaciousness of the entire affair

augurwell said...

Words, Vivacious
Bodacious, Ostentatious, Ha'babae
I'm too sexy for my language.


Anonymous said...

Hey man, I don't get it. If this blog is called 'Bahraini Rants', then I haven't seen any 'Rants' in a long time. Only a place for 'word of the week' and other 'Dear Diary' stuff. Please post something that at least resembles a 'rant'.

Seroo said...

and I thought the only way to say it was the oh so obvious Bill & Ted way...