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Monday, February 05, 2007

you got the vocab? i got the vocab

We’re moving the vocabulario shtick earlier in the week so you have ample time to think about it and inject the words in your lingo. Reflect over these three words, let them settle with you and roll them off or around your tongue.. tuck them under your arms, let them get warm in your pits and then think about them some more. The goal should be for you to try and bring in at least one of these words in your conversation this week. Without any further ruckus, your three words for this week:




With all the nascent property developments in the region and the razzmatazz they promote, a certain amount of sang-froid is required in making a sound investment decision.

go forth and make daddy proud..


scarlettepimp said...

with all the nascent property developments in the region, it would be best for you to posses a certain amount of sang-froid to keep all the razzmatazz in check with your investments.
hey bahraini, thanks for rephrasing my sentence?!?!!!

Bahraini Rants said...

Some write, some borrow, i hover around long enough picking up valuable nuggets of scarlettepimpdom and pass them off as my own. i'm not too proud of it, but, it's a living

scarlettepimp said...

hey bahraini, how you sensationalise a girl's thought is beyond me.

Seroo said...

I'm sang froid, heck yes!

Notes from behind the bike shed said...

gosh, all this razzmatazz is messing with my nascently developing sang-chaud...