I rant you risten

Thursday, February 01, 2007

is it onze?

Yeah it’s been a while..

here are three words.. let them roll off your tongue.. feel them enrich your vocabulary.. let them percolate your thinking.. Stamp out your command of the interesting and slip them into your weekend conversation with friends. You don’t have to use them all at once, just a dollop here and a splotch there..




Way too much flummery from that phony maven was enough to make everyone vamoose out of the conversation.

A thought on today's overcast sky.. enjoy it while it lasts, cause when that brutal sun starts shining, you'll be longing for these grey days..


Mo said...

Grey days suck testicles.
The sun is awesome.

I wish it would shine onto the emerald isle more often. It would make vamoosing to work so much more enjoyable.

scarlettepimp said...

integer iaculis. duis massa sapien, blandit elementum, aliquet non, lobortis sed, massa...

Amunki said...

Vamoose stupid clouds!
The sunshine makes my toes smile :)
Yaaaaaaay... Weeeeee! Happyyyyy!!!

(Ok..We can both guess what I've been up to on this dull Friday evening...)

Btw, my blog has relocated to the following location:


So make sure you update the linky-winky.

Metaphysical hugs,

scarlettepimp said...

doing the dragon fish boogie on the dunes till i loot the fortune of the wiseman in a cowboy hat. ornately loyal, i aspire to a guise of the Doeman. a maven in the art of flummery, i read him form the book of 1001 nights. immersing him in hypnotic thoughts till he vamooses out of his french country house. i then cater to my wager taking twelve metal pagans for my downward journey south.