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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

weekend talk..

The lack of posting is because I've been spending my time in a seminar in Dubai with Maury the Big Swinging you know what ex private equity banker of bankers. Happy Days Maury Happy Days. I've also been missing an internet connection, and now luckily find myself infront of an Afghani laptop that's got welcome to Kabul stickers on it (no kidding).

It's week 3 of building your weekend vocabulary with edu - So here are this week's words that you must and i mean must, incorporate into your conversations. i think you'll like this episode, me and waseem think they're so funny..

Word #1 Tomfoolery
Word #2 Preposterous
Word #3 Whimsical

I'm working on something.. be patient..


Seroo said...

I use preposterous all the time!

You and Waseem and your tomfooleries... hee hee! :)

Missing you x

Anonymous said...

easy there haji! My gran uses these words all the time . I myself use whimsical alot for all things relating to fashion .
How about I'm sick of your tomfoolery Edu !


Mo said...

Poor tom, getting fooled all the time. *sigh*.

Anonymous said...

Great rants. Your whimsical tomfoolery is sometimes quite preposterous, but always highly entertaining. Keep it up.

augurwell said...

This is an interesting blog.