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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

10 minutes on music

Music is just another extension of my character… I use music when describing my mood, I use music to remember conversations, I use music to fill in awkward moments of silence… Music is what dictates my life and I dictate my music… Thought I’d lay down a 10 minute exercise on the music that’s defined my life..

The latest global underground compilation reminding me of days long gone, with that Depeche Mode Lexicon Avenue remix that Digweed and Cataneo made so famous… Foghat and Free for some unabashed 70s rock n roll. The Rolling Stones to remind me that you can’t always get what you want under my thumb… Coldplay for those silence filler moments in our lives (Even though their latest album got Paltrowed) … The “the” bands filling in that modern hipster appeal with that certain ‘je ne sais rien’ taste… Daft Punk for that robot in us all… Annie Lennox for being the most undervalued Diva in music (up your French Canadian ass Celine)… looking for jojo on his search for California grass with the Beatles… Sublime, cause they simply were… Ray Charles, Miles Davis, Satchmo, BB King, Muddy Waters, and John Lee Hooker for real Rhythm & Blues. Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holliday, Dinah Washington, Nina Simone, Gladys night, and Queen Aretha for teaching me about lovin’ and fallin’ in love. Glen Miller, Bobby Darin, Nat King Cole, Dave Brubeck , Louis Prima, Sinatra, Deano, Sammy and the music that actually made you want to wear a suit. LL cool J, for making me want a girl with extensions in her hair, bamboo ear rings at least two pairs… Queen, cause without Freddie Mercury in my life I don’t think I would’ve ever been able to hold a mic with such panache. Getting back into the mid to late 90s alternative collection, toad the wet sprocket, tonic, dishwalla, remember that shit? Singing along with David Bowie and wondering if there really is life on mars… letting Bob Marley rub it to me belly like guava jelly… Spoon for quickly becoming one of my favorite current bands.. Pearl Jam live with Eddie Vedder’s incoherent ramblings and him just going off on a “won the lottereee” tangent. George Clinton and P-Funk: thanks to Depute T who brought the funk out… Sade for making me want to make love to her music, mermaid on no ordinary love is one of the best new agey love songs out there without it being too cheesy, trust me. The Wu-Tang clan: for keeping me still interested in rap – master the art of 52 blocks iron lungs… The Strokes for making me blast their music, seroo gets it (well she gets it all). Ani Difranco – for touching my heart in junior high in terms of her music and my fantasies. Wavy Gravy by Sasha – one of the best electronic tunes in the history of music – really – and Sasha’s such a nice guy, we’re pals.. right mohi… New wave, next wave, post punk, garage rock & the indie rock scene that none of us will ever fully grasp but love with such unbridled passion. The random bands that clap their hands in Brooklyn. Watching trance pass it’s expiration date and shaking my head, feeling the industry never really getting progressive house – leaving the jungle to the junglerats – wondering when people will wake up from electro. Marvin Gaye for being such a cool cat. French Pop rock like Phoenix and Zoot Woman. Nordic representation from Royskopp and the Kings of Convenience – id rather dance id rather dance then talk with you... Loving Dave Mathews in high school and then hating him in college and now liking him all over again, I wonder why? Rai, for bringing much needed credibility to Arabic music. Ricky, Jooj, n Nif for being the only people on this planet who’s taste in rap I trust. Idlewild for writing anthemic music. Aphex Twin-khalas. Asking God why Otis Redding wasn’t given a chance to rerecord Sitting on the Dock of the Bay. Franz Ferdinand for making ballsy music, the rakes for being the new franz, and whomever is going to be the new rakes... Devo, for being so misclassified as a wacky band with that one hit, it’s all about the gut gut feeling.. Cheap Trick for writing the best Karaoke song ever. Jamie Hewlet and Damon Albarn for making virtual musicians that actually rock, I had the hots for tank girl. “METLIKA” for making downloading digital music so much harder. Mylo and that 80s electronica rebirth. Radiohead, if you disagree with this, then I pity your ears. The Smiths – for writing some of the best lyrics ever- I would go out tonight, but I haven’t got a stitch to wear (marvelous?)… Maximo Park for being some of the most refreshing new music I’ve listened to in a while. must listens: Arcade Fire, Interpol, Postal Service, Stars, and throw in Spoon again…. Portishead for roads.. Massive Attack and Mezzanine, need I say more? Tori Amos for her piano playing skills - & a little fantasy dreaming. Harry Connick Jr. made me want to serenade someone. IRON MAIDEN – no questions asked no further explanation necessary. Bill Withers for that song that puts his two timing lover in her place – goddamn what a tune.. Duran Duran because I grew up on them and remained faithful to this day – NO NO NOTORIOUS NOTORIOUS.. Dancey Modern Rock, none of that bullshit on the radio..

there’s so much to talk about I just can’t seem to recall much right now, I’m sure my cd collection is jealous, but she knows I love her so.. Here’s to impulse buys on Amazon, incredibly roundabout reviews on Pitchfork, mistaken mapping on Gnod, shot in the dark searching on Myspace, and all the people that helped me discover new sounds. Special mention goes out to the mod looking fellow at the HMV in Heathrow Airport, Terminal 4. ok that wasn’t too bad was it?


Anonymous said...

I've always respected your taste in music .I think of you as a music archeologist ;searching for relics in form's of sound ,style , artists ,bringing the old back to life . I myself ,used equate Sade to making love. Now I think of Mann , the gay Filipino hairdresser , and the Sade concerts he played in his salon . "making love to Mann " gross !
Check this out ...always have descent daily play lists to download . You'd like "Nightmare Of You" and "Tax Payer"



Anonymous said...


Cerebralwaste said...

What no Aerosmith? No Extreme? No Cars? I am SHOCKED!!!! Are you sure you went to school in Boston????????????????????

Anonymous said...

Great indie band out of Ga
"Nobody's Strange in LaGrange"
The Unthinkable

Zeon said...

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augurwell said...

Well, man you have a wide taste in tunes, we overlap well.

Chuck Berry "It's a free country Baby Live like you want to live."

Neil Young once said "There's Jimi Hendrix and there's me."

Bob Dylan and Shakespeare, need I say more?

The Rolling Stones "... If you try sometimes You get what you need"

Hank Willams "I heard that lonesome whistle blow"

Pink Floyd. They tore down 'The Wall'

John Cash "I been everywhere man"

The Who "Don't get fooled again"

Iggy Pop "Got a lust for life"

Sam Cook "That's the sound..."

Eta James "At last, my love has come along"

Miles Davis "Kind a blue"

Portus Head "Glory Box"

The Pretenders "Message of Love"

Leonard Cohen Should be closer to the top of the list but these are in a random order. "Songs of Love and Hate"

Tom Waits "Rain Dogs"

Ron Wood "Seven Days She'll Be Comin'... All I Got To Do Is Survive"

The Clash "London's burning..."

John Lennon "You say you want a revolution..."

Duran Duran, The The, My past girl friend liked them they're cool.

Spinal Tap See the Documentary

Scott Joplin "Summer time and the livin' is easy..."

Buddy Holly "Love is Love, Not Fade Away"

K.D. Lang What a sexy voice.

Maria "Fourth of July"

Patsy Klein "See the Pyramids along the Nile... Fly the Ocean in a Silver Plane..."

Marlene Deitrich "Lily Marlane"

Ringo Starr "Gota pay the dues if you want to sing the blues and you know it don't come easy"

George Harrison "My sweet lord..."

Jerry Lee Lewis "Like a one eyed cat starin' in a sea food store"

Billie Holiday "Strange Fruit"

John Hooker "Hazel Street"

Willie Dixon "He was an all American boy."

Uncle Bob Marley "Songs of Redemption"

Keith Richard & The X-Pensive Winos

Oscar Peterson "On the Piano"

Bo Diddly "Who do you love?"

The Doors "Moon Light Drive"

Fleetwood Mac "Jumping at Shadows"

Frank Sinatra "Mac the Knife","My Way"

Cab Calloway "Mini the Moocher"

AND Louis Armstrong "What a Beautiful World"


You can find many of these tunes at the radio station WDET live on the net @
Radio Free Liberty
http://www.wdetfm.org/ Select listen live.

...and they play great jazz in the evening time (Eastern Time Zone)

augurwell said...


How could I have forgotten one of my favourites U2, their first live recording.

AND I forgot Courtney Love for her all
around grungy raunch.

And then there are movies with great sound tracks.

David Lynch "Highway to Hell"

The movie "Casino"


Amunki said...

This is too creepy.
It's as if I wrote it...

Marry me.

SheWrites said...

This was my favoritest post ever, ever, ever.

... until I went ahead and read your other posts.

You kinda rock.


PS - So I hear Showtime's (US, not Arab world) buying the rights to Arrested Development and are in talks to continue it. I would research that and let you know for certain, but I'm not the researching type. I do hope they're serious, though.