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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Vocabulario #5

Week five and counting ladies and gents.. things are looking interesting – the weather’s getting better and people have started sending in their submissions for words. Remember, bahrainirants@gmail.com for your suggestions, Cerebral Waste has a good one for next week. but for this week, this is what you need to incorporate into your talk. I know I haven’t picked the easiest words to use, but you guys should be pros by now.

Word #1: Finicky
Word #2: Boondoggle
Word #3: Scallywag

I’m in the middle of a heavy moment right now, I don’t really have anything insightful or stupid to say, so I’ll just keep it short. Moo.


SheWrites said...

I'd just like you to know that I used TWO of the three words in just one sentence today while at work.

"I know I'm being finicky, guys, but I really need you to quit scallywaggin' and get some goddamn work done. Thanks."

Please enjoy.


MSB said...

:) back in 1998, i tried a similar thing w/a group of my friends. i'd send out daily email mesgs to them, and at the end, i'd put a 'word of the day'.. at the end of the business week they'd have 5 words and they had to come up with a sentence, paragraph, story, poem, whatever, which includes the 5 words. i picked the best one, and they received ice cream (of their choice) as a gift - my treat.

i was so impressed at how involved they got and how creative!! :) fun stuff..

Cerebralwaste said...

A combo for you to enjoy.....

Sometimes I think we are all too finicky as we allow our scallywag politicians to boondoggle us into thinking everything is alright and not challenge them as we should as they abscond in a conspicuous manner with each shenanigan they pull.

SheWrites said...

Okay, so, Cerebral's just showing off now.



Cerebralwaste said...

Shewrites: Your not accusing me of being overly intellectual are you? I assure you I am not! It took me a good 2 mins to put that sentence together. HMPH!