I rant you risten

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

vocabulario y adios

Still on this major whirlwind of self discovery… will be taking a break for a while - not sure how long, just need to realign my life.. it could take a couple of days, it could take a couple of weeks..

Here’s your last three words for a while..

Word #1 Daft-Days
Word #2 Cockamamie
Word #3 Bonzer

So enjoy the last of your daft-days having a bonzer time, thinking of how you’re going to incorporate cockamamie into your vocabulary.

Good bye for now..



SheWrites said...

Well, for starters, WHAT IS THIS COCKAMAMIE NONSENSE that you're leaving for a few weeks?

I just got here.

I'll give you three days to regroup, then I expect a comeback.

Thanks for playing.


N.A. said...

Awww. The game has just started and you're leaving?!


Ok. We'll give you your space and wish you a bonzer life in self discovery. But remember, your faithful fans are having cockamamie times at work playing around with these words.
**I looked soo silly! Heeh! ;)

Cerebralwaste said...

Wishing you a Happy New Year my friend!

Cerebralwaste said...

Here is a combo for you BR!

It is a bonzer wait on these long daft days waiting for the finicky BahrainiRants scallywag to boondoggle his way to the keyboard to create another cockamamie vocabulario!