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Thursday, November 16, 2006

thoughts of the day

Something that I never really thought about up until recently, but have decided that I do not care for too much is the surf and turf concept at many restaurants. I just don’t understand the idea of meat and fish on the same plate. I can understand one course being a meat and the other seafood, but together on the same plate? Why would you want to mix two types of meat right there and then? This one of those things where mixing and matching just doesn’t seem to work, but people still seem to find grilled shrimp layered on top of your sirloin real classy. I bet these are the same people that order their steaks well done. Dumb Advert inviting me for “Reef and Beef” night at one of the upscale hotels in Dubai got me thinking about this.. Typical stupidity by a dumber than they seem marketing team.. but I’m sure people will go and eat, cause it’s a special.. Don’t get me started on specials..

We have discovered a new game based on keepie uppie, at the men’s restroom on my floor, and we’re calling it peepee uppie (if you have a better suggestion, I’m all ears..). We’ve got these little disinfectant cakes in the urinals at work; in fact they’re so little that they’re small enough to move around with a constant stream of pee. With careful aim and precision, you can move the little cake around the urinal with your pee and even float it up. The trick is to restrict yourself from a trip to the loo until you’re about to burst, then time yourself as you try to keep the little urinal cake floating up. It’s actually a lot more difficult than it sounds. It’s become a big secret tournament for those who pee at the Urinal (some weird arab thing, but some men just can’t seem to use a urinal). You female readers may think this is just absolutely asinine, but for the men reading this, my record is 7 seconds..

Over the past 6 months or so, I have been working on a secret camera phone project entitled, “pictures in elevators” (you were expecting something grand and elaborate weren’t you?). Anytime I’d have to take a trip up or down the elevator, I’d tow my cell phone with it’s magnificent 2-mega-pixel camera and then, using the mirror or some weird angle, try to take an interesting picture. I had my timing down perfectly: the elevator door opens up, no one’s inside, I slide my camera phone on and immediately start scouring for an angle.. I basically had enough time to snap a photo before I got to my floor or someone else walked into the elevator. I’ve got some blurry pictures, but even some of them turned out really cool. I even tried taking a shot with someone else in the elevator with me, but that got a little awkward when they noticed me trying to take the shot through the mirror. I’m telling you this because, one of my main studios, the office elevator, is being remodeled and they’ve removed the mirror. I’m a little disappointed that my project is coming to an end. The new elevator does look like a subzero fridge though, which is kinda cool and there is a little reflective space that I’m going to try out.. I’ll keep you posted..

With the weather changing for the better, getting your flu shot is the latest most talked about topic on the island. You think you might be coming down with something.. you should go to a clinic and get your flu shot for the year. I’m not saying the Flu shot doesn’t work when you’re coming down with something, but whatever happened to Echinacea and other natural remedies? People here on the island are so quick to get jabbed or take the advice of a doctor or pharmacist, before reading up about what they can do. A couple of weeks ago I came down with the flu, the result of a couple of inoculations. I decided to head over to the pharmacy and see what I can pick to make me feel better. The pharmacist hands me my flu medicine, which contains Pseudoephedrine (PSE), and I make a quick joke about “isn’t this now considered very dangerous?” She looked at me funny, so I tried to explain that medication with PSE is now highly monitored in the US because people cook up Methamphetamine (crystal meth) from it, forcing pharmacists to ask you all sorts of questions and limiting you to 3 packages for every 24-hour period. Her “deer caught in my headlights” look really put my mind to ease about trusting your pharmacist cause they know something about the medication they give you. I’m just thrilled that my pharmacist is keeping up with what’s happening in their field.


Anonymous said...

If only you posted some of your elevator pictures project.

How come you know so much about pharmacy?
Kinda geeky!

Seroo said...

I never really understood the reason for taking a flu jab - it's as if our immune systems have failed on us completely and we'll have to take immunizations for everything ... for every common virus that passes through the now-filthy air we breathe... It's not smallpox or polio, it's just the flu... tough it out, I say, and relive the joys of watching morning cartoons on your sick days...

I like reading the ingredients on medicine too... I ask Cliff what it all means and what I really need... *insert teasing ooooooooh! here* yeah yeah... it helps me cut down on taking things your body doesn't need...

love, Claire x

Mo said...

The influenza virus tends to be fatal in the very young, the eldery and the sick whereby it can pave the way for a pneumonia to come in and deliver the finishing blow. The flu vaccine should really only be given to those who are at high risk, or those who are in the medical field and may spread it to those people. Everyone else should get some rest, have some fluids and take a few panadols.

PSE's main focus of activity is on the nasal mucosa, with a weak effect on the central nervous system. Fuck the pseudo bit, what you need is proper ephedra.. you can get that shit in supplement stores that sell items like Hydroxycut and Ripped Fuel, stuff that bodybuilders use to reduce their fat percentage and cut up prior to contests.

Nothing beefs up your immune system like a little pica, eh seroo?


Bahraini Rants said...

posting of the elevator picture project isn't in the works just yet.. i'm hoping sony ericsson will sponsor my exhibition, seeing that i only use their phones..

I don't know much about "pharmacy". I just like to stay abreast of matters of importance, like a growing global methamphetamine epidemic for example.

ladies and gents, i present to you, the huxtables..