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Monday, November 06, 2006

Movie Trivia for the Trivial

1. What’s the name of the sword in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon?

2. What was the recipe Clemenza taught Michael in the Godfather?

3. Why did George Lazenby only do one James Bond flick?

4. What was the name of the falcon in the Royal Tenenbaums?

5. How many people did Rambo kill in Rambo 2?

6. Who was the cab driver in the MTV movie 200 cigarettes?

7. If you had to have sex with milla jovovich, would it be fifth element milla? resident evil milla? or return to the blue lagoon milla?

8. In the Transformers movie, who did the voice for hotrod? The original Transformers animated movie..

9. How long does Johnny Depp live in his premiere for Nightmare on Elm Street?

10. Name three movies Delroy Lindo has done..

11. In what 80s movie did the main character wear an iconic t-shirt saying “I heart toxic waste”?

12. What was the official title of Lando Calrissian on cloud city?

13. In Y tu mama tambien, what did they call themselves (diego luna and gael garcia bernal)?

14. What was the powder in the Princess Bride?

15. Where did this line come from “Emmmillliiooo , Emmmillliiooo!!”

16. Who was dom deluise’s alter ego in the Cannonball Run?

17. In the final scene of Boyz n the Hood, what is ricky baker holding when he gets shot?

18. What was the name of Turkish’s first boxer in Snatch?

19. In what movie did Tony Hawk first hit the silver screen?

20. Who did the lead villain in Commando remind you of?


Seroo said...

Off the top of my head and without the aid of any internet search engine, I'm getting the first guesses at the obvious ones:

2. Spaghetti sauce (but of course)

3. Because he was Australian (I'm sure that exactly wasn't the main reason and it was more to do with his accent)

11. I can't remember what movie it was but it was definitely Val Kilmer... I can see him in the tshirt in my head but I can't remember the name of the film... oh anger!

14. Iocane (but of course).. tasteless, odorless Iocane...

15. A Night At the Roxbury... what is looove... baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me... no more... oh yeah...

Will try to come back with more... someone correct me if I'm wrong...

scarlettepimp said...

17. a glow stick.

Wolfwood said...

1. Green Destiny?

4.Mordechai (sp?)

6.Dave Chappelle (walked blind into a late night preview showing once while in germany. Ticket's cheaper but you have no idea what you're gonna see. Also how I saw Wing Commander..ick)

7.Milla in the Fifth Element. Perfect being and all that...

8.Judd Nelson (bought the 20th anniversary disc a couple of days ago)

9.Not too long (swallowed by his bed).

10. Romeo Must Die, Gone in 60 Seconds, Get Shorty

16. Captain Chaos

18.Bomber Harris

20. Freddie Mercury