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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Top Games of our lives

Super Mario Series (everything) – California Games – Ninja Gaiden – Liesure Suit Larry – Summer Games– Space Quest – Flashback: the Quest for Identity – Strip Poker (Samantha Fox) – Altered Beast – Double Dragon series – Contra – Punch Out – Warcraft – Ridge Racer – Tekken – Castlevania – Daytona – Golden Tee – Zelda Series (everything) – Party Games – NBA Jam – Silent Scope (Arcade) – Tetris – Goldeneye – Gran Tourismo (series) – Doom – Wolfenstein – Age of Empires – Sonic the Hedgehog – Counterstrike – Rambo (MSX) – Test Drive – Tenchu Stealth Assassin – Shinobi – Sega Rally – Nemesis – 1942 – Mariokart – Maze of Gallious (Knightmare II on the MSX) – Alex Kidd Series (Master system) – Afterburner - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (arcade) – Soul Blade / Caliber – Grand Theft Auto (series) – Fifa (series) – NFL Blitz – GI Joe – Pacman – Techmo bowl – RBI Baseball – Street Fighter II – Winning 11 – Megaman – Worms – Kings Quest – Super Smash Brothers – Perfect Dark – Star Fox – Final Fantasy – Spy hunter - Final Fight – advance wars (gba) - Halo – Yie ar kung fu 2 (MSX) – Civilization – Manic Mansion – Monty on the run (C64) - Football Manager – Championship Manager - Rampage – Metal gear – Max Payne – Hogan’s Alley (NES) – Dig Dug – Sim City – Syphon filter – Rainbow 6 – half life 2 – Solitaire – Frogger – Prince of Persia (old & new) – Lode Runner – Lemmings – Kings Valley (MSX) – Time Crisis – God of War – Resident Evil – International Karate (C64) – Eternal Darkness – Space Invaders – MsPacman – Sky Odyssey – Metroid – Monkey Island series – Shadow of the beast – Wild Gunmen (NES) – Dope Wars – Pong – Superman (Atari) – Gauntlet – Vigilante (Amiga) – Tony hawk – mechawarrior – Donkey Kong (game & watch) – Driver – Wipeout – After burner – Full Throttle – Batman (Gameboy) – Winter Games – Police Quest – Paperboy – Fatal Fury – Excitebike – SSX – Blades of Steel – Splinter Cell – Diablo – Command & Conquer – Hook (NES) – Pilot wings – Tomb Raider – Crimson Skies - world cup (NES) – Fzero – tiny toons – Pitfall – Turok – Ghosts & Goblins – Tennis (gameboy) – super Tennis (dreamcast) – Snake – World of Warcraft – Wrestlemania (NES) – Double Dribble – Off Road – Colin McRae Rally – Duck Hunt – Dungeon Seige – Warlords 2 – Goonies (MSX) – Ico – King of the Monsters (neo geo) – Space harrier – Pole Position – Impossible Mission (C64) – Another World – the Oregon trail – Mortal Combat..

Want to add some more?


Notes from behind the bike shed said...

I have always been partial to Tiger Woods Golf on the PS2. Come to think of it, where is Grand Theft Auto? Asteriod?

Bahraini Rants said...

grand theft auto is on there.. asteroid and tiger woods will be included.. spot on mate..

the lads and i sat down the other day and tried to come up with a definitive list of the top video games of our lives..

so add your suggestions..

MoClippa said...

Fallout and Starcraft

I can't belive you are missing them, the shame... aside from that, this is a really well thought out list.

One question... why'd you choose to specify Half Life 2. Part 1 was a groundbreaking game that redifined the idea of user modification and ingame FPS storytelling.

MoClippa said...

Oh, and the original Earthworm Jim game redifined platforming.

Super Smash Brothers - redifined a fighting dynamic

The Original Gabriel Knight games, old Indiana Jones point and clicks... Sam and Max, Day of the Tentacle (but I think that may have been titled Manic Mansion in some places if I'm not mistaken), Grim Fandango... were all great point and clicks that revitalized their Genres....

One question... I've been trying to get my hands on some old Space Quest games and get them to work on new Intel architecture... any ideas?

Bahraini Rants said...


i never really got into starcraft that much..

we were a bunch of lads sitting down trying to come up with as many important games as possible..

your absolutely right on the point and click.. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis deserves to be there with the rest of them..

you're right halflife was great too..

there's only one platform game for me and that's mario..

a while back i got on limewire and downloaded a bunch of the old sierra games: LSL (the original version), Space Quest and Kings Quest.. you should try it out..

i'm currently reviving the old MSX games.. Maze of Gallious is so fucking hard.. Hassan, remember how tough that game was?

Mo said...

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes on GameBoy, Zombies Ate My Neighbours on SNES, PilotWings on N64.

A chronlogy of some of my favourite games on Nintendo consoles.. of course, you've already mentioned most of the other good ones..

Oh, and Full Throttle on the PC.. Give 'em hell, Polecat! One kickass game..

Seroo said...

You know, if you kept your finger on the B button on the player two controller, MegaMan went faster. I know 'cause I helped my brother win. My contribution was very important back in '93.

What about that mole game on the Atari?

Bahraini Rants said...

Mo, you're the only other person that agreed with pilotwings on the N64.. none of the lads here ever played that game.. i don't really remember your other b movie games..

Seroo, there was no mole game on the Atari, you're thinking of monty on the run on the commodore 64 (on the list).. your second controller B button pushing during the Megaman Chronicles was stuff of legends..

Alfanan said...

Thank you for the trip down memory lane. I absolutely adored The Maze of Galious, Castelvania, Metal Gear (msx), and a bunch more you mentioned on your list.

There was this Ninja game on C64, I can’t remember the name of it, but surprisingly I still remember its ‘soundtrack'. You play a Ninja (obviously) who slaughters the heads of other Ninjas standing in his way. Sort of an eaaarly version of Onimusha ☺

Bahraini Rants said...

ninja game on c64? i can't remember it.. i do remember the games on tape on the C64 and how long they took to load.. load, go have lunch and then come back and maybe you'll have another 10 minutes before you can get started and play..

another game i really loved on the PlayStation was Bushido Blade 2.. one of my absolute favorites.. we used to spend hours in college playing that game..

Hasan in Japan said...

Speaking of Maze of Gallious, I DOWNLODED IT A FEW WEEKS BACK AND WAS TRYING TO GIVE IT A WHACK after so many years. I STILL am stuck at the SAME spot that we were stuck at years ago. I just remember the cool passwords and codes we used to use for "invincibilty" and "boost experience" and "infinite arrows". Scary game, though.

Cheers from Tokyo

Tarek said...

Wining Eleven

Dr Jekyll said...

Where is "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego"??