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Thursday, April 27, 2006

reflections through reflecting mirrors

As I sit with the laptop on top my lap... I'm listening to my new shipment of music.. I have to tell you I'm very pleased with the purchase.. yes it was drastic, some people might chalk it up to there being some void in my life that I need compensate for something.. to be completely honest, fuck it, whatever it is.. this music is going to help me flesh out the soundtrack to my life - I might as well live life with some pretty incredible theme music. Any budding Hollywood producers or Ad executives looking for the soundtrack for their next film or campaign, I’m pretty expensive, but so worth it. stuck on an old American Analog Set album from 5 years ago.. Electronically yet instrumentally breezy…

Feeling good about everything well not everything – working like a madman, flogging a keyboard for crimes in another life, that said, I’ve managed to find something really good. Deep inside the living tissue of my body, I found a little bit of goodness that I’ve managed to focus in on and magnify. This magnification has resulted in an encapsulation of overall coolness and levelled stability on the seesaw of life. I don’t know how to elaborate, but I will try: I shoved my hand inside my chest and extracted this tiny little ball of light, then I stretched and pulled at this goodness until it took the form of another human being - a better person to be, a better person to spend the rest of my days with.. This extraction had to come about in so many different ways and forms, experiences, mistakes, laughs, thoughts, feelings and experiments. Laid back, understanding and carrying an incredible amount of good energy, this other me is kickin’ ass..

I’ve had to teach and learn along this way, sometimes with people that didn’t deserve it, and sometimes with people that taught me all about the things that really mattered.. people were trampled, and people were inflated, all of us, but this is a fact of life – switching to wannabe yogi: you cannot recognize sweet if you have not tasted bitter.. I cannot avoid the truth of what has happened, there are times that I wished I reacted differently: good and bad, but I can say that it has been a journey worth living. That’s the thing about journeys, sometimes while you’re in the middle of it all you think it’s going too slow or that the predetermined chronological events you’ve hoped for are not falling into place. But then when you look back at it all, it just kinda all seems to fall into place, the delays, the pains, the quickness of it all just defines the journey, whether it be pure rock n roll straight from the source, or just some recycled pleasant sound that makes us all happy somewhere deep inside. I’m not going to come out and say that the other good new me has completely taken over, but lets just say we’re holding hands throughout it all, and for right now, that’s good enough for me. One of the two halves will eventually have to devour the other to become one (none of this merging, we’re going highlander style, devouring)..

I love you straight up and dirty..

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A. Woman in black said...

Stumbled upon your blog and really enjoyed reading it...loved this last post and the one about the "Bahraini speak" I've heard quite a few of the same examples here in Oman and can remember
thinking..."this must come from English"