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Friday, March 02, 2007

rex the barbary falcon

Sometimes i get blue.. when that happens, i find this guy hanging around on the ledge outside my window at work... he comes over, pauses and gives me a look "khey man, everything cool? you look a little down, you look like you could use some cheering up".

he's a Barbary falcon (a subspecies of the Peregrine), flies through Bahrain when the weather's nice, and is missing a talon - i call him rex. if you haven't noticed, rex is a total camera whore..

this is him peering through my window trying to get my attention, but still acting cool about it.. it's around this time that i drop everything i'm doing to snap a couple of shots on my cameraphone (the little 2 megapixel that could)...

this is his, "lets get the prerequisite symbols of Arabia photoshoot out of the way first and then we'll talk".. notice the serious look on his face, the prestige, the piercing glaze in his eyes, the determination.. i think we all know who'd win the staring you down contest..

you talkin to me bitch? huh? i said, you talkin to me? i don't see no other bird on this ledge but me so you must be talkin to me.. do not get my feathers ruffled man, you're biting off more than your molars can chew. i will claw out your eyeballs and nest my eggs in your bleeding warm sockets.. do not get my feathers ruffled man..

this is rex right before he's off to kill a pigeon or some innocent animal. scoping out the scene, he turns for one last photo. lets wrap this up, i feel my right side is my best side, what do you think? total camera whore i tell you..

so that's rex, the falcon that just comes and hangs out.

always does wonders for my mood..


Hasan said...

too bad Rex didn't know the way to the window outside of my office while I worked in Bahrain. Then again, who am I kidding, I was trapped in a cardboard cubicle. *sigh*

I'm happy you have Rex :)

Hisham said...

That's so cool! Wish it'd go a bit further down DA and hang out my office window!

yarzz said...

what a poser!!!!
does rex have a cousin or friend that would like to visit the seef area?

Mo Mughrabi said...

Is that yours? or you just woke up the next day and found him on da balcony??

Bahraini Rants said...

he just hangs out on the ledge every once in a while..