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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

3 words

Ok here’s the story: I’m going to start making you all play my game.. It’s called “improving your random vocabulary with edu”.. Very simple, in fact it’s so simple, you’re gonna love it.. I pick three words in the middle of every week (I’m hoping every week, if I can get off my ass and make it happen).. It’s up to you to incorporate these three words into your vocabulary this weekend (whenever that may be).. They might be colorful, maybe nice sounding, maybe boring, who knows. But I guarantee you this, incorporating these words into your informal chitchatting will make you feel warm and fuzzy, or your money back. And that’s my guarantee..

Word #1: Saucy.
Word #2: Bamboozle.
Word #3: Pernicious.

Good luck with slipping these words in..


Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

What a wonderful idea! I'm an avid subscriber to dictionary.com's word-a-day and I have increased my vocabulary appreciably since I started receiving their email.

What you've started doing here allows me to use that vocabulary quite nicely, thanks.

"The saucy wench bamboozled me perniciously, and I quite liked the increase in tempo!"

scarlettepimp said...

I'm aware I may sound saucy but I'm a pole-dancing, pernicious cocktail quaffing woman in her 20's that just wants to bamboozle her way into your thought provoking blog.

Bahraini Rants said...

i like how you bamboozled all the words into one sentence.. but remember, it's not all about getting everything in at once. be a little saucy about it.

This isn't going to be anything like Dictionary.com... Chiasmus is too difficult a word to incorporate into a conversation.

We here at BR Inc. are planning to pick the choicest words to jazz up your conversations..

Otherwise, life would just be bland wouldn't it?

augurwell said...

The cursor drove in with a saucy disregard for her own safety and well being to engage and bamboozle the pirate Iranian slaver by outmaneuvering her and inflecting pernicious havoc to the slothful wretched death ship's decks and wheel house, boarding and rescuing the fair damsels who were fated to be paid slave wages in some unscrupulous maid-house.