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Monday, August 01, 2005

absurd MJ rumors

So Jacko's still in Bahrain... There are all sorts of rumors circulating and floating around... I just thought I'd share a couple stories that have made the gossip rounds…

Absurd MJ rumor #1: Upon his arrival in the middle of summer in Bahrain, MJ decides to do a little shopping... So he throws on a ladies Daffah/Abbayah and a Burqah to remain incognito, and goes happily strolling around TOYS R US (frightened?). One of the security guards notices something weird about the covered lady and decides to stop her to ask a couple of questions.. MJ's cover is blown and once it's determined that the King of Pop is strolling around TOYS R US, everything gets sorted and back to normal.. MJ then continues his strolling and goes on a BD 900 shopping spree USD 2,385 (I love the fact the rumor actually has a definite amount attached to it)... Personally, I can see how MJ would like to stroll around alone in costume, he's always been into wearing face masks so the burqah would definitely appeal to him.. Also don't forget, he's visiting Bahrain in the middle of the summer - he'd need to protect his face from our relentless summer sun... Him traveling without a bodyguard? not sure about that one..

Absurd MJ Rumor #2: MJ is thinking of enrolling his kids in a private school in Bahrain for an entire year keeping them in a safe environment, rather than in the US where people will continually be talking about them. In order to protect their identities, the kids will be enrolled under fake names... I don't see the point to it all - I mean Bahrain is so small someone is bound to find out who the kids are... I'm wondering who's going to attend the parent teacher conferences?

Absurd MJ Rumor #3: MJ has been intrigued by Islam, and after much cajoling from Jermaine, he's decided to come to live in Bahrain and learn about the religion. He's also thinking of moving Never Land Ranch to Bahrain... I wonder if they'll bring the llamas..

Absurd MJ Rumor #4: He's here to record a new album... This isn't that absurd since he's running out of cash and needs to come up with something new instead of repackaging his old music. I'm just hoping he realizes that he needs to bring Quincy Jones to Bahrain… Come on Quincy, one more challenge, you know whatever you write, he will sing - and that will always go platinum…

Absurd MJ Rumor #5: The Michael Jackson School of Pop is opening up in Bahrain. MJ himself will be instructing young performers on the moonwalk, white socks, and the various props throughout a pop star’s career… Gyrating 101, “taaaheeeheee” for beginners and other classes will be on offer starting this fall..

The picture up top was snapped from someone's cellphone while MJ was strolling around Seef Mall... I like the medal MJ... Check out the bracelets...

What have you heard? bear in mind this is the King of Pop, this man has inspired many and changed the history of music forever - you must respect that... I just hope this doesn't blow up in our faces...


Lisset said...

The latest news is that he bought 14 acres near one of the royal palaces. Via Yahoo News.

Anonymous said...


In the picture you attached, is the second guy from the left taking off GIANT CLOWN GLASSES.. or is this some funky trick Bahraini cellphones can pull off?

Nene's grandson in Tokyo,

Bahraini Rants said...

TAKEN FROM TODAY'S GULF DAILY NEWS (our venerable english newspaper)

'Mansion in Bahrain for Jackson'
MICHAEL Jackson has bought a property in Bahrain, according to a report in the New York Post yesterday.

He is said to have splashed out an undisclosed sum of money on the luxury property after holidaying here.

According to the newspaper, the mansion is located on a 14-acre piece of land.

However, Jackson's lawyers claim they know nothing about him buying any property, said the report.

The singer arrived in Bahrain on June 29 as a private guest of Shaikh Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa.

Mr Jackson's brother Jermaine has been a close friend of Shaikh Abdulla for many years.

Jermaine and Shaikh Abdulla earlier this year announced they were releasing a charity record together under their joint venture record label Two Seas.

I guess that settles it...

Q said...

hahahaha, just like McD's, Im loving it ;)

Mo said...

hahahaha! Well spotted Hasan!
That just adds another level of absurdity to the already surreal sight of Micheal Jackson in Seef Mall.